From Justin Bieber to Zac Efron – 5 famous hairstyles we won’t be forgetting in a hurry

Remember when everyone needed a David Beckham mohawk, when gals were braiding a piece of string in their hair on holiday, or when ladies were shaving the side of their heads and leaving the rest longer? (Okay that one was quite recent. And we love it.)

Oh we DO love taking a good old walk down memory lane. To sit here and say “what on EARTH were we thinking!?” to what we used to know was the coolest thing in the whole wide world.

And boy do we have a collection of hairstyles to look back on.

hair flip

Some we love, some we cringe and want to crawl into a hole, and some are so trendy we want to bring em’ back now – but at the very least, ourselves and celebs have been on one heck of a hairy journey through the ages.

Want to take a walk with us? LET’S GO!

1. To start with – let’s look at a classic. THE CRIMP.


YES ZAC! We used to love grabbing our Carmengirls crimper, zapping it on the hair and going out to the school disco looking every bit a fashion icon. We don’t think Zac will be rushing to bring the crimp back anytime soon, but maybe we could?

crimp gif


2. The Braided Look


Now now, we promise you we do still love a braid. But we’ll give you one name: Christina Aguilera. No hair was too small for the ‘Dirrty’ diva, and back in the day her two-toned braids were some of the wildest we’d ever seen.

And somehow, we still wished we were her. Maybe Selena G or Gigi might make this their look sometime soon? We won’t hold our breath.

3. The ‘Let’s Dye Our Hair’!

justin bieber

We’ve all been there. Fed up of going ‘au naturel’, wanting something different, something crazy, something RIGHT NOW. So we grab a hair dye, whack it on, pretend it isn’t stinging our eyes and hope for the best.  Did it look great? Usually no.

Now, Biebs went a little wild himself when he decided to go peroxide blonde. It almost felt a bit like “SCREW IT. I’M GOING BLONDE! :D:D:D:D.” Did it look great? We’ll let you guys decide on this one. Unforgettable.

4. Holiday Hair Braids

fernne mccann

Remember when a trip to the seaside was not COMPLETE without one of these bad boys entwined into your hair? Pick your colour, your style, and then come back to school looking like the coolest kid on the block. Heck, if Ferne McCann can still rock it, so can we.

5. Side Fringe Fo’ Days

The Hello Kitty video is coming soon… #2daystillHelloKitty

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We used to love a side fringe. But not just a side fringe – basically a pull an entire half of your hair over the other side of your head kind of fringe. We’re looking at you Avril.

Whatever happens, we’ll never forget these absolute classics. But it really makes you wonder – will we look back in 10 years time and laugh at the top-knot?

What’s your fave hair memory? Let us know @maximumpop!

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