Fall Out Boy want to work with 5SOS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

While we are obsessed with 5SOS, we love ourselves a good dose of Fall Out Boy and we basically fell to the floor when we found out that 5SOS and FOB plan to work together. WHAT?!

While both bands are seriously keen on working together, their busy schedules have been getting in the way of what could be a sweet romance between the two artists. SIGH.

Talking to Radio 1, Patrick Stump said  “What’s crazy is we keep trying to have it happen, then it doesn’t happen. It’s one of those things.”

Joe Trohman went on to add: “It’s timings and stuff. It’ll happen eventually.”

Now that the bands have both been in the same place the same time, Fall Out Boy hope to finally get some time with our Aussie babes to work together.


Holy. Moly. This needs to happen now. No takesies backsies, please.

Do you want the two pop punk bands to work together? Should they write together? Maybe duet? Collaborative tour? We need this so bad. Let’s freak out together on Twitter @maximumpop

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