Every faction’s reasons for you to read the ‘Divergent’ trilogy

Embedded image permalinkThe ‘Divergent’ series is one of the best dystopians out there  with fear landscapes, jumping from moving trains and having to choose your very own faction to dedicate your life to at the tender age of 16. The factions all value different traits and you’d think they would have very different opinions, but we’ve decided that all of them would still want you to read these books. Here is every faction’s reason you should read the ‘Divergent’ series.


Amity are kindness, peacefulness and they value relationships so they would hold up these books for their great relationships. Tris manages to surround herself with some great friends, her relationship with her brother, though complicated, is ultimately beautiful and, of course, Tris and Four. You just can’t help squealing over them.



Abnegation values self-sacrifice and helping others so they would love that this book focuses on those who are in need. As the story goes on, Tris’ attention is drawn again and again to the factionless, to those who are disadvantaged through this warped society. Tris knows she has to change things and can’t look the other way from suffering.



Candor value truth above all else so they would recommend these books because they are brutally honest. Characters die in these books, proper, named main characters. No one is magically protected by their role in the plot. In this story people are forced in to dangerous situations and you read with your heart in your throat, actually terrified as to what might become of them.



The Erudite are the Ravenclaws of this world: to them its all about cleverness and learning. They would love the puzzles these books provide, the problem solving every reader can’t help but engage in. Whether it’s trying to figure out who might be betraying whom, or a way out of what seems like an impossible situation – these books definitely require a quick-witted reader!



And finally, why would the courageous Dauntless want you to read these books? Because they jump out of moving trains, and zip-wire down from the tallest buildings; they rush in and fight the bad guys even if they don’t know whether they’ll survive. And you can do all that too, travel along with each Tris as she makes that unheard of decision in front of everyone, to switch from the faction she was raised in and become Dauntless, as she catches her breath and jumps. Read along and live dauntlessly through her footsteps.


So there you have it, every faction’s reasons why you should read Veronica Roth’s ‘Divergent’ series. Let us know why you think people who read the ‘Divergent’ series by tweeting at us using @maximumpopbooks.

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