Faces of OTRA: putting a whole new perspective on concerts.

The infamous, One Direction, OTRA tour is soon coming to a close in the United States. Fans have waited months for their tour date(s), and we wanted to find out exactly how they felt being there. We were able to score some super great tickets to OTRA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this past Tuesday. We met up with some fans and asked them ‘What does OTRA mean to you?’; these are your faces of OTRA:

Natalie and Rachael: 

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“It definitely means happiness, because it’s my only real source of it and thats basically it. I feel like this is one of the only places I feel completely comfortable. I know that if I come here, even if I came here by myself, I would immediately make friends because I’m surrounded by people who are driven by [One Direction] for all the same reasons as I am. I just think it’s amazing that all these different people have different reasons for loving the boys and I waited all year for one time of my life, and it feels like a family here.”

Greta and Maddie: 

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“I’ve been waiting a really long time, and it’s definitely worth it though. We’ve been waiting all year to come and we’re best friends. We’ve been to a show together before and it has brought us closer together for sure.  It’s so exciting, it’s just so exciting. This is like christmas, you know? You wait for it all year and here it is finally happening. “

Nicole and Kelsey:

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“Really, really good vibes and everyone is literally so awesome. Everyone is so diverse, anyone can fit in here. I got these tickets when the presale came out and now I’m actually here and this is actually happening. I just found out that she was giving me the tickets yesterday, and it was actually the most amazing surprise.”

Alondra, Eva, and Gabby:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.01.08 PM

“I can be me here, and it feels like home to me. I don’t feel judged here and I can just be me. Honestly, I feel good vibes, ya know?”

Laura and Lauren:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.20.44 PM

“What the concert and the tour means to me is just so special and amazing to see how hard the guys of worked and how much they’ve grown up together. I remember going to the Up All Night tour and being in love with them since them. It is so crazy to see how much they grown up and how much they’ve changed, but also how much they’ve stayed the same. The way their fans have grown up with them, and just how much work they put into this for us.”

Madeline and Jackie: 

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.24.12 PM

“We’ve been fans since the very beginning and the whole vibe here, well, I can’t really describe what I’m feeling. I feel like I’m on cloud 9, and my heart is in my stomach and I cannot feel my body. This is so special to me, and just being about to see them grow is incredible to see how far they’ve gone.”

Make sure to find us at OTRA Boston for your chance to be featured on ‘Faces of OTRA’!

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