Faces of OTRA: Putting a whole new perspective on concerts. Part 2.

As One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour in North America came to a close this past Sunday, we knew we couldn’t miss it. There is no telling when the boys will be back in the states, and when they’ll tour next. We scored some great floor seats for this sold out show, and when we say sold out we mean FULL (like 6-tickets-left-in-the-whole-stadium sold out). There were laughs, and there were tears…tons of tears. Our heart is with all the US fans, we know you’ll see the boys again!

We were able to catch up with some lucky fans (and a viner) who got to attend, and we asked them ‘What does this tour mean to you?, and we’re putting a face to the tour. These are your faces of OTRA. 

Helena and Moira:

DSC_0001“We’re super excited to be here and this means a real lot to us because we love them so much. I went to their Gillette (Boston) one last year and it was super fun but now we’re on the field and it’s just so incredible.”

“I really wasn’t expecting to be here, but she surprised me yesterday and this is my first concert. I couldn’t be happier that One Direction is my first concert, because it’s such an amazing group.”

Lexy, Kellyn, and Julia:

DSC_0005“I had a race today and my dad wanted me to sell my ticket, so it was really difficult to actually get here but it means a lot to me because they’re the reason I’m happy. It just, it’s really great that I made it here and I didn’t have to sell my ticket. It’s kind of like you’re home when you’re here. It feels good when you’re here, and if you need someone to cheer you up they’re always there. Likewise, I have it tattooed on my body and I’ve been a fan for 5 years now and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Izzy, Julia, and Emily: 


“I think just because you spend so much time seeing them through a computer screen and then all of a sudden they’re real and just how overwhelming it is. For me, I love Louis, and then to know that he’s right there singing right in front of me…it’s the best feeling. It makes me feel so good about myself. It’s so important to experience this. It is simply amazing to be surrounded by people that love the same thing you do.

Kristen and Lauren:


“Well, I’m just really excited and I just love One Direction and they’re such a huge part of my life. Seeing them is such a privilege and I am so lucky to be able to experience all of this.”

“I’m her aunt and I have the privilege of bringing her to all of these concerts, and it is absolutely amazing to be able to be here.”



“It’s really fun here, and everyone gets to meet all their new friends, and people they may have never been able to meet before. The boys bring so many strangers together and it’s so cool to be surrounded by people that all love them. It’s like a big whole family coming together. Theres so much energy and lots of emotion, yeah, lots of that.”

Shannon, and Stephen (Stephen Bye):


“It makes me so happy because I love One Direction so much, and being able to see them live just makes me so happy. Every stadium has become a temporary home for me, and I’ve never felt happier than I feel at these stadiums.”

Well, that’s a wrap for this US tour! NEXT STOP: UNKNOWN.

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