Internet LOLs: People’s Facebook names are being used for lyrics – it’s pretty funny!

Ah, the interwebs is a funny place, isn’t it? Lots of memes and crazes are created all the time which most of the time is utter nonsense. This week’s craze involves finishing lyrics with weird Facebook users’ names. Here are some of the funniest ones we’ve found.

1. I’m gonna swing from the

Shandy Leer

2. Everybody wanna steal 

Mag Earle


3. She Looks 

she looks so

4. I came in like a 

Rekin Ball

5. You’ve got that

jaun thing

6.  My anaconda don’t want none unless


david tennant laughing

Have you found any funnier ones? Tweet us @maximumpop so we can have a lol together.

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