FACE OFF: Who would you rather have round for Christmas dinner – Lauren Jauregui or Jade Thirlwall?


We can’t contain our excitement at MP!. Presents, mistletoe, family, friends, Christmas movies, Ariana Grande‘s ‘Christmas & Chill’ can be played on repeat and of course, Christmas dinner!

There are just so many parts of Christmas dinner that we love, but our favourite part is celebrating the friends and family we get to share it with. Aww. Let’s set the scene…

The table is set, there are some seriously amazing smells coming from the kitchen, your dad’s putting the food on the plates ready to be taken to the table… but hang on, there’s one extra place at the table… what?!

We love love love Little Mix and Fifth Harmony but if that extra place was up for Jade Thirwall or Lauren Jauregui, who would you give it to?

Who would you rather have join your Christmas meal this year? Who would get on with your parents better and who would  help with the washing up afterwards?

Vote in the poll below and leave a comment as to who would be the most intersting dinner guest and why.

What do you think?

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