The winner is… 6 nightmare period tales + WIN! YEAR’S supply of the new product that’ll save your own Red Sea horror

We’ve all been there. The Red Sea comes at the most inconvenient of times and sometimes disposing discreetly of one’s pad or tampon isn’t as easy as you’d think. In fact, sometimes it can be a legit horror story.


But it’s made that little bit more bearable by having a giggle at other people’s misfortunate. And then, you know, a cheeky little giveaway for all your blood gushing needs. (Sorry!)

The winner is Sophie M. Congratulations! 

Ever had a particularly cringeworthy experience on your period? Here are six nightmarish ones to potentially make you feel better, emphasis on the ‘potentially’.

1. Dad to the rescue

“I flushed a tampon, blocked up a friend’s toilet and then had to stand there when my friend’s dad rescued the cause of the blockage.”


2. Red is for romance

“On a date I put my used tampon in a hanky in my bag. My date borrowed the hanky!”


3. Pass the pad parcel

“One time I go to the bathroom at a restaurant in Bangladesh and there’s no bin. I wrap up my pad in the wrapper from the new pad before putting it in my pocket (gross, I know), and go back to the meal. All I can think was “OMG THERE IS A PAD IN MY POCKET HELP”. Then the waiter hands me a menu – he glances down and then picks up a small object off of the floor. Smiling, he informs me that it fell out of my pocket. You guessed it – it’s my pad and my face goes bright red. It’s like a Bodyform sponsored pass the parcel. “


4. Kinder surprise

“I have forgotten a wrapped tampon in my handbag and then my little nephew found it when went through my bag”


5. The pat down

“I was in America, and couldn’t dispose of my tampon. So I wrapped it in toilet paper and put in my pocket and forgot about it. I then flew home, and had to go through passport control and airport security. I was terrified of being searched and them finding a used tampon!”


6. The festifail

“I flushed my tampon in the portaloo at a festival. It immediately blocked and flooded. I had to reach down and actually fish it out. With no bin, I had no choice but to take my tampon out with me, past the queue of other festival-goers waiting for the loo”.


To put it simply, being a girl is pretty friggin’ hard. We are majestic creatures, so we deserve all the help we can get with all the trials and tribulations being a vagina bearer can bring.

FabLittleBags has got our backs (and our foofs) with their latest invention. To avoid the awkwardness of sneaking out of the loo with a used tampon, or running the risk of blocking up the toilet or our beaches being invested with washed up tampons (ew), they have created FabLittleBags that you can open one-handed and easily dispose of your sanitary goods.


Even better, the bags have a hygienic sticky seal and they’re not see-through, so you can pop them in the bin anywhere without things getting majorly awks.

Want to win a year’s supply of the little beauties? Of course you do! All you need to do for a chance of winning is follow the instructions in the tweet below and fill out the form with all your important deets by 1/08UK only.

Fill out my online form.

You can also try it for free by  texting 2FAB to 88802, along with your name and address (One per household, while stocks last, your data is protected). Or stock up at Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Ethical Superstore or online.

Have you experienced any absolute horrific period nightmares? And, more importantly, have you entered our FabLittleBags giveaway? Tweet us @maximumpop.

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