I tried using a spoon to do my eyeliner so you don’t have to

I’ve tried a lot of weird and wonderful beauty application methods in my time, but there’s always something intriguing about using a kitchen utensil to help do your make-up.

If there’s anything I struggle with, it’s the winged eyeliner – will it smudge, why does one eye look cool and the other look weird – like there’s just SO MANY things that can go wrong. (Life struggle, am I right?).

So I’m gonna use a spoon to make this process a whole lot easier. In two easy steps, I should go from Smudgey McGee to wing-wizard! HURRAH!


Different people use different tools, but my spoon of choice was the ever-trusty teaspoon, matched with my fave eyeliner pen ‘Make Your Mark’ by Seventeen. With an army like that, this was bound for success, right?

Step One: Nab that perfect line


I know I look ever so creepy in the image above, but stay with me. Using the long end of the spoon at an angle, you can line it up against your face and draw along it to get a strong black line, and the basis of your winged liner.

It’s down to you how powerful you want your wing to be, but you can change the angle depending on if you want a little flick, to a full blown Amy Winehouse power-wing.

Step Two: Winging it


So now you take the top half of the spoon and connect it to that line in a swooping motion, to wing that bad boy up. At first it feels weird having a spoon to the face, sure, but then you realise – this is actually helping. It takes a while to get used to (this was around try seven after I bodged the first few up – of course), but in the end it is a surefire way to get the wing you desire.

And we’re there!


You know what? We’re pretty darn pleased with the results of this. Turns out a spoon ain’t just for desserts – maybe next time we’ll use a fork to help paint our nails?

Have you tried this beauty hack? Let us know at @maximumpop!

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