From no-brow to WOW-brow – 5 famous ladies that proved brows can change everything

It’s weird what comes into fashion and what doesn’t – a few years ago it was ALL the rage to have the thinnest eyebrows possible, and some of us might have even tried shaving them. Some of us realised this was an absolute mistake, but some of us were too late.

Nowadays, brows are EVERYTHING. A statement. The stamp on a letter. The core of the apple. The… well, they’re just very in.

As fashion moved forward, so did the eyebrows of many a famous lady, so we thought we’d do a before and after snap to show just how brows have moved with the times. Take a trip with us!

  1. Demi Lovato

demi beforepromoted-media_544fa0c321124

Daaayamn! Demi is always going to look gorgeous no matter what, but her more intense brows brings out her features, frames her face and makes her look a million quid. The power of the brow ya’ll.

2. Kylie Jenner


The youngest Kardashian, Kylie has matured extremely fast – as has her eyebrow game.

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Looking every bit as pristine as you would expect from a member of the Kardash Klan, King Kylie has deffo let them get thicker, creating a much more defined look. You grow girl.

3. Adele


Right, we cannot BELIEVE this transformation! Adele’s thicker, darker brows have just changed her entire look. Hello from the other side… of top notch brows.

4. Leighton Meester


Well well, looks like this Gossip Girl’s brows have had a complete make-over! From dainty to foxy in a flash, Blair Waldorf has certainly moved with the fashion – and looks absolutely divine either way. xoxo, Gossip Girl

5. Jennifer Lawrence

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 24: Actress Jennifer Lawrence arrives at Nylon Magazine's TV Issue launch party at SkyBar on August 24, 2009 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

J-Law has always looked absolutely fab, but take a look at her brows today:



Truth is, all of these ladies look absolutely dashing either way. But if thick eyebrows are in now, what could be next? Rainbow brows? One shave in the left brow? Let us know what you think at @maximumpop!

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