‘Extraordinary Means’: Robyn Schneider’s top 5 film picks

‘Extraordinary Means’ has quickly become one of our favourite books. With its darkly funny sense of humour and characters you can’t help but fall for, it’s a must-have this June. Trust us when we say it will break your heart in the most wonderful way.

If you haven’t heard of it, think John Green’s ‘Fault in Our Stars’ meets Rainbow Rowell. Lane is a hardworking highschooler who wants to get into a top college, but when he catches TB and is moved to Latham House for sick children, he feels like all those plans are dead. However, it’s only when he meets the reckless Sadie and her group of outcast friends, that he starts to understand that maybe there is more to life than planning it, and falling in love can be its own cure.

If you’ve already read the book, then you’ll know that its littered with film references, from the Halloween classic, ‘Hocus Pocus’, to ‘The Princess Bride’. Really, there are a lot of excellent suggestions on what you should watch for your next movie night, but if you find that you’ve already seen them, or want something different, then we have few more ideas for you.

We chatted to Robyn Schneider about her favourite films at the minute, and this is what she told us.

  1. Rushmore

2. Before Sunrise

3. Dead Poets Society

4. Annie Hall

5. Harry Potter (Is that cheating?)

We’ll let you have Harry Potter, Robyn, and we most certainly approve of the rest of this list.

What about you – have you seen any of Robyn’s favourite films? What did you think of them? Let us know.

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Written by Laura Fulton

Book Channel Editor at MaxPop! Have a thing for the sea and pretty paperbacks. Saved by amazing grace.

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