All the plots as explosive as Guy Fawkes!

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…


Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot is a fascinating story. It’s fortunate (and also unfortunate) that it ends in a fizzle rather than a bang. So here we’ve collected some of our fave plots from books that create as much as awe as a firework display…

1. ‘Panic’ by Lauren Oliver


These teens begin playing a game called Panic. It’s tradition, a rite of passage, and incredibly dangerous. The ending of this book goes off with a real bang. You can see what Lauren Oliver is up to next by checking out her Snapchat.

2. ‘Blood Red Road’ by Moira Young


Forget Mad Max: Fury Road, this is the only road you need to be reading about. As exciting in the WAY it is written as much as WHAT is written. It’s all action. A crazy catherine wheel of adrenaline.

3. ‘Dark Inside’ by Jeyn Roberts


A world literally gone mad. Crazy mad. Angry mad. And four teens are left to fend for themselves and somehow survive.

4. ‘All Fall Down’ by Ally Carter


A little bit of danger and a whole lot of mystery solving running around. It’ll keep you on your toes and you’ll explode when you reach the end!

5. ‘Red Rising’ by Pierce Brown


The story that will literally keep you guessing from page one all the way through to the end of book 3. Hard knocks, big bust ups and still plenty of sparkle and awe.

6. ‘Demon Road’ by Derek Landy


What more do you need than a road trip demon fueled car chase book? Boom!

7. ‘Ink and Bone’ by Rachel Caine


There’s more than one reason why this book ignites. It’s a real explosive adventure! *waggles eyebrows*

8. ‘Between the Spark and the Burn’ by April G. Tucholke


It’s in the title. The spark… and the burn. That slow, magical burn. Like a fountain firework. Yes gawd.

Are any of these on your faves? What else would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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