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Everyone knows Ed Sheeran’s joining GoT, but we found out how he’ll DIE in it

Valar Morghulis

There was a funky vibe in King’s Landing that night, but Ed was sure that if he could only get an audience with bae-queen Cersei he would wow her with his romantic warbling. All a place like this needed was a bit of acoustic greatness…

Someone let the cat outta the bag. Ed Sheeran will be making an appearance on our fave full-on fantasy series ‘Game of Thrones’. He’s not the first star to enter Westeros, but with season eight proclaimed as the final one… he might be the last!

In a show famous for its grizzly (and sometimes heart wrenching, see: Hodor) death scenes, we think we’ve cracked it. This is EXACTLY how Ed will meet his maker. Fictionally. Of course.

Hopped off the boat from Slaver’s Bay and boy were his arms tired (from playing the crew mad tunes on his lute, of course). Ed made his way through the city and realised that there really was something off about it.

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Sure, Joffrey the douche was dead. He’d prolly write a song about it later, it might cheer up ol’ grump butt herself. The queen. Or something. Was she the queen now? He wasn’t sure. Ed still hadn’t watched the entire of last season, so…

There was a group of people chanting “shame, shame, shame” and Ed made a mental note, as he dodged around a few dismembered body parts, that it could make quite a good hook on a song. Even the bell… That was pretty cool too…

By some stroke of luck, or poor judgement, Ed quite literally stumbled into none other than Jaime Lannister. The guy was gorgeous. How could any one guy have that face and that hair and rock a fake hand and still be that awesome?

“Soz, mate,” said Jaime, who made to move passed him, but then stopped. He looked at Ed again and Ed could see that he’d been recognised. “You’re that Sheerer guy!”

“Yeah, I guess I am.” Ed scuffed at the dirt with his broken leather sandals.

“I listen to you on my walkman all the time.”

And with that, Jaime gave him a thumbs up and left.

Ed followed because wherever Jaime went surely his sister wasn’t far behind (waaaayyy!)

Sure enough, nearing the steps to the Red Keep, he spotted her. Ed could feel his heart begin to hammer. He was shaking like a loose lute string. He moved up the steps, closer, nearer. So close, in fact, that he swore he could smell her. Lavender and death. Yummy.

She had the power to make or break him. This was it. He opened his mouth to speak… But the hideous face of her zombified bodyguard slammed into his. A fierce headbutt that sent Ed tumbling backwards. 

Shouts of “PROTECT THE QUEEN!” could be heard. What?! Did they think he was gonna hurt her? Cripes. Ed begin wiping the blood from his eyes just in time to see a large, Mountain-like boot descend through the air, towards his head… 

How do you think he’ll meet his maker? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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