Everyone is calling Little Mix prostitutes and it’s so not OK!

“You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it OK for guys to call you sluts and whores”.


Did we learn NOTHING from ‘Mean Girls’?!

It seems like sexism never dies. Everytime you think society has made an weensy bit of progress, sexism rears its ugly head again like an androgynous horror film villain who refuses to die even when you’ve set him on fire and rolled him up in a carpet and thrown him off a bridge.


Surprise, smooshface! Freddie’s back and he’s brought his misogynistic fiends with him.

But to say that sexism comes just from men would be totally unfair. In fact, women are often far worse for calling out other women over their wardrobe choices.

For example, after Little Mix‘s stellar comeback performance on Sunday’s ‘X Factor Results Show’, some trolly trolls took to Twitter to trash the girls for their outfits and one of the group’s critics turned out to be non other than girl power advocate and former-Spice Girl Mel C!


You said you’d always be there…

Mel C revealed that she kept her daughter from watching LM’s performance due to the racy nature of their outfits:

“She is a massive Little Mix fan but I’ve started to be more sparing in what I show her. I don’t let her watch videos by artists that aren’t appropriate for her. That makes me a bit sad.

“All young women want to look sexy and hot so I understand it’s hard. But I think it’s such a shame. We live in a narcissistic age – it’s 100 per cent worse than when I was in the Spice Girls.

“It was a more innocent time, although we were criticised for wearing crop tops.”

The internet trolls were much less picky with their words:

Click here to watch the girls’ performance in full.

Photo credited to Syco/Thames/Dymond

While it’s true that Little Mix’s look has evolved to be more “racy” over the years, this is a natural progression for more girl groups and, indeed, female pop stars themselves. Artists like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus have all shown a sexier side of themselves since their Disney days and have been critically praised for showing maturity.


People may argue that women in the music industry feel pressurised to dress in a more sexualised way in order to sell more records. In fact, one writer for “The Mirror” claimed:

“The less a pop star has to offer, the more sex they have to sell… So don’t blame Little Mix for having little talent and wearing even less”.

Excuse me?!


Little Mix have a load to offer and so much talent the world can’t even handle it! Their amazing voices, their unfailing work ethic and their positive personalities are just the tip of the iceberg. If they feel comfortable wearing what they’re wearing then then people shouldn’t be making rude comments about them. Jesy in particular has suffered from body issues in the past so it’s great to see her feeling confident again.

In a recent interview with MP! Australian girl group, The Veronicas, shed some light on sexism in the music industry:

“If an artist is empowering themselves by presenting themselves in a particular way to feel good and it’s part of their branding and identity, then more power to them.”

“I think the media in general exploits the powerful position that some artists take and uses that to oversexualise them whether they intended that or not.”

Read the full interview here.


So it depends on how the artist wishes to be seen and what their intentions are when they put on a skimpy leotard. Talking to the BBC last year, Jade said:

“If we’re a bit sexy, we’re a bit sexy, if we’re not, we don’t really care… we do whatever the heck we want.”

And Perrie added:

“We’re not about that anyway. We’re in our own lane, we know what we stand for. We want to inspire people.”

Do you think the girls’ shouldn’t flash so much flesh? Or should they be able to wear whatever the hell they want? Let us know using the comments box below. Share your opinion.

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