Eve Ainsworth’s latest novel ‘Crush’ had a fantastic launch party

On Wednesday 9th March, Daunt Books Cheapside was packed out with book lovers celebrating the launch of the marvellous Eve Ainsworth’s new release ‘Crush’.

‘Crush’ is the story of Anna and Will, and a wild young love that soon turns toxic. Eve’s telling of this tragic tale, depicting a poisonous relationship and a controlling partner, is brave and flawless. We are so excited to have this hard subject brought into the light in the most beautiful way:  Eve’s superb writing!

Eve treated us to a lovely clear reading (despite ‘feeling rather merry’ – her words!) and hush fell over the book shop as we listened, rapt.

And we must throw in a special mention to Eve’s stunning outfit. It made her look luminous AND matched her book cover perfectly:

There was a delightful cake that we happily taste-tested…

Congratulations, Eve. We definitely have a huge bookish CRUSH on you! (sorry) (not sorry!)

Have you read ‘Crush’? Let us know what you thought of it at @maximumpopbooks.

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