The NewTube Interview: Evan Gardner ‘I was the 1st person in the world to cover Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph”

YouTube is such a huge community that has been building rapidly for ten years. We always hear about Marcus Butler, Tanya Burr and the like, but what about other cool content creators who we should know about?

We’re interviewing less mainstream YouTubers that we think you definitely need to know about and love just as much as we do! We’ve spoken to Evan Gardner who has 3K subscribers and had a chat about his experience with YouTube.

What do you post on YouTube?

I post anything to do with my music or will do a cover of a song I like.

You’re a singer-songwriter – what inspired you to get into singing and playing the guitar?
I was inspired by both my grandfathers who both sang and also one played the harmonica, so I think them singing to me when I was very young had a big impact on my passion for music. I have always been interested in the guitar and always wanted to be a rockstar like every kid I guess, haha! But the main reason was to put my lyrics to music.

What musicians inspire you?
Too many to say, haha! But I would say, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder, James Arthur, Seth Lakeman, The 1975, Chris Brown, Eminem, Sam Smith, Linkin Park, Bruce Springsteen…..
Where do you get inspiration for writing songs?
I literally get inspired by everything around me but mainly I will write about my own experiences or someone who I know, etc…
What other artists on YouTube are you a fan of?
I have a lot of respect for my buddy youtube sensation Tyler Ward.
How do you think YouTube can help people in the music industry?
I think YouTube is a major tool in the music industry these days. it can reach so many people in all corners of the world very quickly.
What is your biggest goal for your music career?
Ummm, at the moment it would be to do a UK tour but I am sure in time it will change.
Which is your favourite cover you have posted to YouTube?
I have too many, haha! But one of them would be Rixton – ‘Hotel Ceiling’ , Tiësto – ‘Red Lights’ – with my own added lyrics I wrote. I also like my ‘Torn’ cover.

What is one thing we should know about you?
I have so much passion for what I do and I will never stop!
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are considering posting their material as content on YouTube?
I would say that you should always be yourself in your videos because your personality will shine through, post content that you love and also do a few strategical covers.  For example I was the 1st person in the world to cover Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’; how I did this was seen him play it in a concert in New York on YouTube before his album was released, so I learnt it very quickly and figured out the chords because I play by ear so then when he released it my video popped up first for a few days which got traffic coming to my channel. Also if you want to have a dedicated loyal fan base then you need to make the time and effort to speak to them and show them love! You keep them happy then they will support you on your journey.
Pop punk or pop rock?
Ooh I like both, but I’d say pop rock!
One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer?
Again I like both but I really liked 5SOS’ album so I am going with 5SOS.
Night out with friends or night in?
 Night out with friends
No internet or no phone?
Both of these are essential for an artist, haha! but I am going to be clever and say phone because a phone also has internet!
Tripping up on stage or sneezing over your favourite band?
Well I am as clumsy as it gets, so I will say trip up on stage cause I have done it a million times!
Evan’s debut album, ‘Love, Lust & Heartbreaks’ is out now and you can get the first track free! Follow him on Twitter,  subscribe to his YouTube, listen to his soundcloud, stalk him on Instagram, see his covers on Vine and get his songs from iTunes!
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