13 Eurovision songs you’ll love if you’re a fan of One Direction, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

It’s the first day of May. Which means only one thing: it’s Eurovision month.


Now, we know what you’re thinking: isn’t Eurovision just about bearded ladies, Russian grannies and the UK never doing well? You’re not wrong, but the contest also produces songs that would be hits for your faves.

Here are 13 entries from the last few years that could be sung by your favourite popstars:

One Direction


If you loved the last two One Direction albums, you’ll no doubt love Softengine’s ‘Something Better’. We can imagine Harry slaying that anthemic last chorus.

Lana Del Rey


This track by Anouk managed to turn around The Netherlands’ fortunes in the contest. It’s moody, atmospheric, and we reckon it’d be at home on Lana’s ‘Ultraviolence’.

David Guetta


Sweden always send incredible, current songs, and we can’t help but feel like last year’s winner sounds like something from David Guetta’s last album.

Meghan Trainor


This track may have come second-to-last in 2011,  but we think it’s the kind of fun pop song that would suit Meghan Trainor perfectly. Although, we’re not a fan of the cardboard city.

Shawn Mendes


If you thought Eurovision was all about huge diva ballads and europop, this entry from Belgium might surprise you. We love Tom Dice’s voice, and reckon this would be great for Shawn Mendes.

Demi Lovato


OK, so this isn’t exactly ‘Cool For The Summer’ Demi. But, this song sounds a lot something from Demi’s third album ‘Unbroken’. They even share the same title.

Selena Gomez


Remember when Selena released ‘Come and Get It’? Well, rather than follow it up with ‘Slow Down’, we think she should have released an ethnobop like this.

Troye Sivan


This was lowkey the best song in last year’s competition, with its sparse production making it stand out. It’s difficult not to imagine Troye bopping along to this live.



Every year, there’s one song that is just so much cooler than the rest. In 2011, it was Lena’s ‘Taken By A Stranger’, which we think would suit Lorde perfectly.

Nick Jonas


This year’s competition is particularly filled with songs that sound like smashes. One in particular is the Lithuanian entry, which we can imagine Nick Jonas slaying.



There are a lot of Sia knock-offs in this year’s competition, but ‘Miracle’ by Azerbaijan’s Samra is better than 90% of Sia’s last album.



We don’t know about you, but we love Halsey most on songs like ‘Ghost’ or ‘New Americana’. We think Halsey would kill this Norwegian entry by Margaret Berger.

Justin Bieber


Frans‘ song ‘If I Were Sorry’ has by-passed the tropical sound of ‘Sorry’ and gone straight for the chilled-out vibe of ‘Love Yourself’. And we definitely love it.

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