5 reasons you gotta read ‘The Sign of One’ by Eugene Lambert

Eugene Lambert’s debut ‘The Sign of One’ is an action packed SF thriller, and boy is it ready to thrill! In a world of harsh laws and “twisted” ways, it doesn’t take long for main character Kyle to become “un-enamoured” with it, shall we say


It’s full on, full throttle sci-fi stuff here. Why should you read it? We’ve got 5 reasons why. And we won’t steer you wrong.

1. A whole new world. A fresh dystopian setting ready for you to sink into and explore. Come on, sing it with us now…

new world

2. Fast paced thrills. There’s nothing quite like a page-turner, one that just keeps throwing you punch after punch, then the odd curve ball, and just for luck, it’ll slam on the breaks just to go from 0-60 just to get you feeling the force of it.


3. Kyle. Always a plus for us is having a protagonist that you want to root for. Lambert does such a great job of establishing that initial emotional connection before throwing us headlong into the main thrust of the plot. We <3 Kyle.

pulp fiction

4. Tight, imaginative writing. Lambert writes in a way that leads you in gently but isn’t afraid of socking you in the stomach, either. Ultimately it means that you’ll be hard pressed to put this book down. Staying up ’til 3am to finish it? Chances are high.


4. A strong secondary cast. It’s not all about Kyle, gaw. There are other characters, well rounded and very likable characters, whom you’ll end up obsessing over before the books is out. *cough* Rona… Colm… *cough*

heart on

5. A wholesome ending. It’s the kind of end that has you feeling full and happy, but also leaves you wanting more as you’re still teased about what could happen next. We just gotta know! Book 2 nao plz. Kthxbai.


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