Saturday’s Tumblr of the day: Etsy find of the day

If there’s a place in the Digi World where you can find lots and lots of stuff that place is Etsy.

We love it and buy pretty and unique things and we would love to buy everything but sometimes we don’t even know what we’re looking for!

To resolve this thorny problem there’s ETSY FIND OF THE DAY.

Etsy Find Of The Day (or ETFOTD) is written and run by Kristin and it’s gonna be one of your favourite Tumblr accounts.

Kristin selects pieces from well-established Etsy shops with excellent product, good photography and well-written descriptions.  She’s like our assistant buyer. She’s  our Rachel Green from Friends!

What are you waiting for? Everything you need to buy and everything you don’t need to buy but you’re going to buy anyway just because it’s cute and waiting for you!

Why not comment below with your favourite Etsy finds.

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