MP! Exclusive: Emily Middlemas for president! ‘X Factor’ star reveals plans to conquer the world

Emily Middlemas is one name which has been on everybody’s lips on this year’s ‘X Factor’. The 18 year old Glaswegian’s quirky performances have quickly turned her into a fan favourite and she’s only gone and sailed all the way through to the semi-finals.

She’s been battling illness and chest infections ever since Week 3 of the competition, but she was nice enough to take the time to speak to us, so we promised to be on our best behaviour…


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Hi Emily! How has your ‘X Factor’ experience been so far?

It’s been amazing. As the week have gone on I’ve become more and more hungry to get to the final and more confident. At the start of the competition I was a little insecure and not sure who I was as an artist, but I feel like I’ve really started to find myself. It’s been an amazing journey so far.

It seems like you really put your own stamp on every song, do you have a lot of input in the styling and arrangement of the songs?

Yeah I have a lot to say about what I want and what kind of instruments I like. It’s good to get my input in there.

You’ve also had some amazing visuals like the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ performance. Do you come up with those too?

Oh yes that was gorgeous. I loved that visual, although actually that one was all Brian Friedman (the show’s choreographer). But recently I’ve been having more and more input.

Which has been your fave performance so far and if you made it to the final which song would you like to do again?

My favourite performance has got to be ‘Creep’. I loved that so much. For me, that was a turning point. I just got so lost at the end of the song and then when it finished I just burst into tears because it was so emotional. Everything about it was amazing, especially the set up of me being a doll and the cracks on my face and legs.

In a way is it difficult to perform with such a big production because you’re representing all the people who have worked on the staging, make-up etc.?

Yeah you do feel the pressure. You don’t want to mess up because then you won’t be able to follow Brian’s choreography and the production.

It’s amazing how you manage to put so much emotion into every song, even the one’s which have simpler production like ‘It Must Have Been Love’.

I really get into character. I try and find a connection to every single song because when I’m connected I sing so much better and I think people can see that even through the TV. That’s something I really struggled with before and now I’m really starting to get it.

Do you draw on any personal experiences for your performances? Has there been a lot of heartbreak in your 18 years?

Not at all. The only experience like that was when someone passed away in my family. That was the only big heartbreak in my life. It was horrible and it gave me a sense of what it’s like to lose someone. I go back to that moment in a lot of my songs and imagine that that’s what someone would feel like if they did break up with someone.

You should turn your hand to acting.

A lot of people have actually said that to me!

Is there anything that you can’t do?

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Do you miss your boyfriend Ryan now he’s not living with you in the ‘X Factor’ mansion? (Ryan Lawrie also made it through to the Live Shows and ended up coming in sixth place)

Yes it’s really hard without him because we were always there for each other and we helped each other with our songs. If there was something I was struggling with I would go to him or if I was ever feeling low he would reassure me. He does still call and message me though of course. He’s such a supportive person.

You guys are the ultimate ship. King and queen of ‘The X Factor’.

Haha that’s so sweet!

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You first appeared on ‘X Factor’ back in 2014, but didn’t make it past the Judge’s Houses. Do you think it was the right decision for Cheryl to not put you through to the Live Shows back then? 

Yeah, 100%! I feel back then I wasn’t ready and I wasn’t mature enough to experience all of this, which is something I can say now having experienced ‘The X Factor’. Back then if I had been in the competition I wouldn’t have been able to handle the pressure because I was so young. Two years is a big difference. It was the right thing for Cheryl to send me home because it made me more determined and prepared.

Good old Cheryl. She’s so wise.


If you did make the final which pop star would you like to duet with?

Matt (Terry) was just in the background and he just said “Ryan Lawrie” haha!

Haha. You guys are too cute!

I would loooooove to perform with Ed Sheeran. I think it would be a great moment with both of our guitars and a nice little harmony going on.

You’ll have to coax him out of hiding. I hear he’s quite elusive these days. 


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How do you feel about your performances so far?

I’m so happy. I never thought I’d get to the Live Shows, never mind to the semi-finals. If I was to go back a couple of weeks ago I would tell myself to speak up more and let Simon know that I wanted to do something different some weeks.

So basically you should have listened to Little Mix’s ‘Little Me’ for inspiration…


After this do you think you could go on and conquer the US?

I could be the next president haha!

Donald Trump’s got nothing on you.

OMG haha.

That’s settled then. Emily Middlemas for president!


If you think Emily should be president over Donald Trump leave a comment in the box below. 

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