9 reasons Emery Lord is our MP! Book Awards winner and a total queen

If you didn’t see that Emery Lord won the MP! Bookish Awards 2016 ‘Book of the Year’ with ‘When We Collided‘ yet then where have you been?! This gorgeous, emotive novel is the cream of the crop and we love it with ALL the heart eyes possible.

If you haven’t read it yet follow this link for magical bookish freebies or if you don’t want to risk it, grab a copy here. Still need persuading to pick it up? Here’s 9 reasons Emery Lord totes deserves to be our queen.

1. She’s the queen of pulling at our heartstrings

Don’t believe us? You obviously haven’t read ‘When We Collided’ yet then. It’s a story about love and mental health and family: two teens find that when you collide with the right person at just the right time, it will change you forever.

We’re serious – if you don’t cry at least once then we’re sorry but you obviously have no heart.

2. She’s #relatableAF

Not only are Jonah and Vivi’s tangled rollercoaster lives so realistically portrayed, but Emery Lord is one relatable AF lady who has us screaming “SAME” at pretty much every tweet.


3. She writes the cutest couples everrrr

We can’t help but ship Jonah and Vivi with all our hearts. It is legit impossible not to fall head over heels for these two, you’ll be rooting for them from their very first collision right up until the very last pages. Through thick, thin, restaurant disasters and tumultuous times, Jonah and Vivi will destroy you in the best way possible.

4. She’s a keen supporter of LGBTQ+ issues and diversity

And we’re all for diversity around these parts, thank you very much.

5. She understands the important of family in YA

Do you think there’s a parent problem in YA? Let us know in the comments because we kind of do. Where are all the mums and dads at, eh?

Emery Lord doesn’t shy away from parents or parental problems though. In fact, she embraces them whole heartedly, and ‘When We Collided’ would not be the same without the mums and dads.

6.  She handles mental health like a PRO

Same thing. Emery just GETS IT.

There’s no sugar-coated mental illness to be found in this paperback, that’s for sure.

7. She’s got a new novel coming out in 2017 and we’re already stoked to read it

Have you seen the synopsis yet? Love, loss, faith and friendship all signed into one – sign us on up!

We can’t wait to read this one from the ever talented lady because the more of her books we have in our lives the better. Fact.

8. She’s obsessed with all the same things as us

Including Rupi Kaur’s badass feminist poetry collection ‘milk and honey’ which we think is the

Check out more feminist reads here.

9. She’s the sweetest person IRL

Seriously, when is she doing more events already?! We want to go meet her with an arm full of books and ask her to sign every single one of them whilst we chatter away about how much we love her/her books/Jonah and Vivi.

You’re in luck though. We’ve got you covered: here’s how you’ll never miss another event or signing from your fave ever again! And you can keep an eye on Emery especially.

What’s your #1 reason for loving Emery Lord and ‘When We Collided’? Let us know in the comments or tweet us over @maximumpopbooks.

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