Emblem3 review Demi Lovato, One Direction, Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony and themselves.

In between being fit, answering your Twitter questions and getting their nipples out, Emblem3 also helped us review some of the hottest pop tracks from the States in our latest Pop Star Review.

Demi Lovato- ‘Made In The USA’

Keaton– Great song.
Wesley- I love it.
Drew- I never heard it.
Wesley- Yes, you did, man! You were in the audience when she performed it.
Drew- Oh.

One Direction- ‘Best Song Ever’

Keaton- I love that song.
Wesley- Yeah, it’s catchy as fudge. There’s actually a mash-up where they put the words of Chloe over the beat and it fits perfectly. The choruses are the exact same length. Ours came first though.

Ariana Grande- ‘Baby I’

Wesley- It’s cool but I prefer ‘The Way’.

Ariana Grande- The Way
Wesley- It’s sick. Mac Miller is just so cool. Ariana is insanely talented and I just love her voice.
Drew- Oh look, it’s Dido. *Drew is pointing to a picture of Dido on the wall*

Fifth Harmony- ‘Miss Movin’ On’

Keaton- It’s a good song. Actually, no, it’s super good.
Drew- Yeah. The melodies are great.

Embelm3- ‘Chloe’

Drew- I hate that song.
Wesley- Yo, don’t say that. Look, they’re writing it down
MP!- No we’re not *shifty eye movements*
Wesley- It’s frickin’ sick. The verses are dope and full of swag and there’s a real pop chorus. It’s a fun upbeat song that just makes you want to move.
Keaton- We should just get Wes to review all the songs.

That was fun, wasn’t it? Check out Emblem3’s video for ‘Chloe’ below:

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