Elyar Fox wants Miley Cyrus duet. How ‘twerk-tastic’ would that be? Pop Bits.

POP BITS. New pop sensation Elyar Fox has told the world how much he wants to duet with Miley Cyrus and Bruno Mars. Speaking to Attitude magazine, the starlet said “I would love to work with Miley Cyrus. I’d love to have a record with Miley Cyrus, it’d be sick! And I know Miley Cyrus will be reading this so, you know, get in touch Miley!”

How many times can you fit “Miley Cyrus” into a sentence? Hmm…

Discussing Little Miss Cyrus further, Elyar told: “I think she can do whatever she wants because her music’s good. I think if she was being a bit crazy and cool and her music was rubbish it would be like ‘What the heck are you doing?’ But I rate her because her music is so solid and you can’t really have a go at her.”

Elyar, who sits at number 5 with his début single ‘Do It All Over Again’ this week, also revealed his desire to work with Bruno Mars. “Whether it was a feature or just writing a song, I’d love to work with him. He’s an idol of mine.” POP BITS OUT.

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