23 reasons Elyar Fox is going to be most-played on your iPod in 2014!

He started by making cute acoustic cover videos in his bedroom, like this one of Justin Bieber. Which got millions of views.

And then he went on to sign a MASSIVE record deal to release his music!

And now he’s on tour with Union J all over the UK singing his own songs

So why do we love him? Well, he’s multi-lingual. Fluent in English, French and the language of luurrrrve.

His best friend and first fan is Spiderman

This snazzy jumper and hat combo

Because he always makes time for his fans

Even when he is ruining their treasured memories

He can be a bit weird (0.00-0.10). But he can also make us all wobbly when he hits those high notes…

Like all megastars, he knows how to travel in style and always demands the best

He’s got loads of pop star mates, like those fellas in Lawson

And that chap Olly Murs

The wild hearts in The Vamps

And Niall from One Direction, who he looks a bit like too. But Niall looks confused and a bit scared so maybe they’re not mates

He’s cute but his cats are even cuter…

Even though he killed this one

He makes music wherever he goes…

This one time he slow danced to Elton John with a penguin.

He has beautiful pop star hair and knows how to show it off.

But it used to look like this. Which we try not to talk about.

And when he washes it, his barnet goes all fluffy:

Finally, he’s been preparing for stardom by working out. Look at that chest, Mr Muscles. Zing!

He knows how to pull a dashing pose.

And here’s his first ever proper single ‘Do It All Over Again’ which is out January 12th.

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