Rejected ‘X Factor’ contestant Ellis Lacey adds to the endless possibilities of Harry Styles’ new do

Since finding out that Harry Styles took a pair of scissors to his gorgeous long locks and — being the kind soul that he is — donated it to the Little Princess Trust, we’ve kind of been losing our sh*t over what he might look like right now. After all, his amazing head of curls were kind of a part of that whole edgy signature look he was giving off. Lbr, his hair was sexy AF.


RIP, honestly.

However, as sad as we are to see the curls go, we completely stand by Harry’s decision. Not only did he donate to a charity that makes wigs for sick children, but we also know for sure he is going to rock whatever new trim he’s got. Also, we have a sneaking suspicion he might have done it just in time for the rumoured ‘Dunkirk‘ filming to begin. OMG!

But whilst we wait with bated breath for Harry to post a selfie (fat chance, eh?), we’ve been going crazy over all the endless possibilities. Some reckon there could be as little as a buzzcut left in prep for the movie. However, we’re not convinced, considering 1940s British soldiers didn’t go for that back in the day.

The ‘Take Me Home’ tour saw Harry rock a short, back and sides, but we think it’s probs going to be far shorter than that if the image of his cut hair is anything to go by.

Thankfully, an ex-‘X Factor’ contestant, Ellis Lacey, has taken to Snapchat to use that hilarious faceswap feature we’re pretty obsessed with and given us a good indication as to what Harry Styles’ barnet could now look like. And, we’ll tell you now, we’re kind of flailing over it.

Um, amazeballs, right? The long locks definitely gave Harry a more mature look, and so we kind of think a shorter hairstyle might just bring Harry back to the beautiful young age of 22.

Whatever the outcome, we know he’s going to be as heart eyes as ever. His hair doesn’t define him — he’s a lovely human being inside and out, OK?

We think our obsessed fangirl definitely just shone through a little bit there, but anyway… What do you think of this ingenious face swap? How many days do you think we’re going to be left waiting for the first fan or pap pic? Will we even survive seeing it? Not likely! Tweet us @maximumpop with all your thoughts, because we’re kind of losing our minds over here.

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