“I’ve been touring nonstop for seven years” Here’s 11 ways for Ellie Goulding to sit back and chillax

Ellie Goulding has been working her butt off for the last seven years. She’s been touring nonstop, so it’s time she sat down, ate a bit of chocolate and caught up on some Netflix shows.


“It’s very emotionally draining and physically draining. I’ve been touring nonstop for seven years, and I really just need to stop for a while, basically, in a word. Stop.” As much as we’re going to miss Ellie, she needs to get back to a good place before she throws her heart and soul into the next album. Here’s a couple of things she could do.

1) A really, long relaxing holiday – she deserves it

❤️ Hangout Fest

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2) Run around the world and do ALL the marathons

12.5 hustle

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3) Eat 7 vegan donuts for those 7 years of touring

Vegan doughnut carnage from @voodoodoughnut

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4) Take a day off from the gym

Just asked myself if I want Netflix and chill tonight and I said yes

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5) Binge watch ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ – she hasn’t seen any of them!


6) Become a ballerina

7) Do a really cool save the planet thing with Leonardo Dicaprio

8) Get all the tattoos

9) Hang out with the squad #goals

PROUD AS HELL @taylorswift love you ❤️

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10) Hike Mount Everest

11) Secretly work on a new album

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A new album from Ellie would be so cool, but she really needs to chill first. Netflix and chill all the way girl. p.s. the new ‘Star Wars’ is really good and BB-8 is cute AF, you should watch it.

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