Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart talk superheroes, Zoella and a Beyoncé mishap

We were lucky enough to have a little chinwag with YouTubers Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart about their superhero feature length, a reboot of 1970s film ‘Electra Woman and Dyna Girl’. Unsurprisingly, they were completely lovely, and tbh we are kind of even more obsessed with them than we were before.


We talked about all things superheroes (obvs), their costume design, public bathrooms and the fact Zoella’s superpower would probably be that she could be a doe? Intrigued? You’d better continue reading then!

So, ‘Electra Woman and Dyna Girl’ is a reboot of a 1970s TV series. How does your version differ, if at all?

Hannah: “‘Electra Woman and Dyna Girl’ is an awesome property from the 1970s, but the story is 100% original and designed to be something that’s really bringing it into, like, the millennial era. It’s also about, kind of, making fun of the Hollywood tropes of being an independent filmmaker and trying to make it big in the Hollywood world.”

Cool, it sounds really good! And how does the movie differ from other superhero films, like all the Marvel and DC stuff that is hella popular right now?

Hannah: “It’s an honour to even be considered in that category — that’s awesome!”

Grace: “We wanted this to feel bigger than anything we’ve ever done, to feel like it’s on the same level as other superhero movies. But then we also wanted it to have the balance of the human flaws and the human relationships that we relate to in our everyday life. Some of my favourite moments in ‘Avengers’ are the quiet conversations and, like, the one-liners that happen after the giant fight sequences. And so we wanted to make sure we had those in this film as well.”

Yeah, our next question was going to be what kind of messages did you want to achieve with it, but we guess it’s that relatability of, you know, superheroes are humans too and all that kind of jazz.

Hannah: “I think what we wanted to achieve with it… It’s the story of two friends who share the same goal, but approach it from different paths, and how do you find balance with that, how do you find cooperation when you start to disagree on the correct course of action.”

Grace: “Yeah, and also then like the small moments of what it’s really like to wear spandex when you have to fight crime with your best friend.”


Was there any on set pranking or any embarrassing stories you can tell while you were filming?

Grace: “We shot with an amazing actor, Andy Buckley, who plays Dan Dixon. He’s the agent type in the film and he is so sweet and when he found out that Hannah loves Beyoncé, he went on a mission to try and convince her that Beyoncé had shown up at a set he was working on previously. And I was trying to film Hannah’s reaction, and Hannah didn’t have like this explosive reaction when we told her. She instead was just like so focused and like pointedly fascinated about what Beyoncé would have played.”

Hannah: “Yeah I was just like looking at my phone and then he said that, and I looked up and was like, ‘…she came to set?’”


Poor Hannah! You’ve touched on your costumes in the past, about wanting them to be badass, and here at MP! we just wanted to say that we think it’s great you were so heavily involved in the making of your costumes and in making sure you weren’t turned into the usually sexualised female superheroes.

Hannah: “We all kind of came to a collaborative decision that we wanted to make sure these looked like actual superhero costumes that could work, like no sexy high-heeled boots. We had them wear combat boots, having them wear, you know, cool utility belts […] strong clothing that was durable. No latex body suits this time!”

Grace: “I think when we try and create something, we try and put ourselves in the mindset of the audience as much as the creator, and so we wanted these characters on screen to look and feel like people we relate to in their daily lives. If we were to go jog around for our own exercise, we’re not going to put on high heels and a push-up bra.”

Love that! Standard question for any superhero movie, but what would your superpower be if you had one IRL?

Hannah: “I would definitely want the ability to communicate with anybody I met, like to speak any language. If I met somebody on some deserted island to be able to understand the language they were speaking.”

And what about you, Grace?

Grace: “I would love to have the ability to manifest a clean and private restroom facility anywhere in the universe for myself and my loved ones. Oh, and with that, maybe be able to take away bathroom facilities from the evil villains.”


Those are some interesting choices — we weren’t expecting that. Same question but for a few YouTubers:

Mamrie Hart?

Grace: “I think she’d have the power to shade anyone.”

Hannah: “Like provide shade?”

Grace: “No, like shade people. She’d have this ability to cut you to the core.”

We can for sure see that. What about Miranda Sings?

Hannah: “Sonic boom with her voice.”

Grace: “Yeah, yeah! She’d have like a siren song.”

The wonderful Zoella?

Grace: “Zoella would have the power to charm anyone.”

Hannah: “She’d have an adorable, twinkly power.”

Grace: “That, or she’d be able to be like a doe who could run off into the woods somewhere.”

That’s some serious HP patronus vibes. And her brother, Joe Sugg?

Grace: “Oh! Joe is so sneaky! I feel like Joe would have the power to go under cover or go in disguise, and sort of, like, chameleon himself and blend into any social situation or setting. He’d also have the power to prank!”


We’d like to give you the chance to plug away at any of your next projects. What’s next for you both?

Hannah: “We’ve got two exciting things coming up. One is ‘Dirty 30’, which we’re doing with Mamrie Hart […] And then, personally, I have a book coming out that is a narrative memoir called ‘Buffering’.

We are buzzing to watch and read and do all the things with ‘Dirty 30’ and ‘Buffering’!

Lastly, can you sell ‘Electra Woman and Dyna Girl’ in the most enticing and ridiculous way possible?

Grace: “‘Electra Woman and Dyna Girl’ is like ‘Suicide Squad’ meets ‘Gilmore Girls’, and Hannah and I are just two well intentioned Will Smiths.”

OK, but now we have to ask… Are you looking forward to the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival?

Grace: “I’m curious. I don’t know how to feel about it yet. I know they’re filming or almost done, so I’m excited to see what they’ve come up with.”


‘Electra Woman and Dyna Girl’ is out now on Digital HD and on DVD on 11th July exclusively with Amazon.

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