‘Expect lots of feels’ Wilhelmina reviews Eleanor Wood’s ‘My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend’.

We’ve all dreamt about the possibility of our favourite popstar being our boyfriend or girlfriend, we’re just waiting for Harry Styles to pick up the phone and give us a call. Eleanor Wood’s ‘My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend’ delves into the realms of Tuesday’s dreams coming true… Wilhelmina gives her thoughts on the book.

Name: Wilhelmina Denness

Age: 18

Who is your dream rockstar boyfriend?
Ashton Irwin (also kind of Michael Clifford-it’s hard not to love the whole band!-but let’s just go with Ash :) )

Can you tell us the plot of ‘My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend’ in a Tweet?
Tuesday is just a normal blogger whose life is drastically turned upside down when a certain rockstar takes her fancy. Expect lots of feels.

Would the cover make you pick up the book in a shop?
In all honesty, it wouldn’t. From looking at the cover, I’d expect it to be aimed at young teenagers and the typography particularly gives me the reading that the book is based on a ‘petty’ relationship between a girl and boy-very stereotypical and something that’s not really interesting if you’re someone who prefers books that subvert our expectations and the common stereotypes found in the media.

Rockstar BFDid you feel like you could relate to Tuesday’s character?
Definitely. I’m an aspiring writer myself, also running a blog where I invest a majority of my time writing music reviews and interviews. Tuesday finds herself under immense pressure when it comes to preparing for her exams whilst still trying to make breaking into the music world work for her (when she goes to Glastonbury). I felt I could easily identify with her since just as I was finishing my own exams this year (just as Tuesday was, being the same age as me), I was heading out to Birmingham and London (across a week) watching 5SOS perform on their UK tour and then trying to meet them. It’s very ironic how music and exams collided for me in a similar way to how they did with Tuesday.

What was the best bit?
I suppose the best bit was the moment Tuesday met her ‘secret rockstar boyfriend’ for the first time. As a reader we have no idea whether the person commenting on Tuesday’s blog is the real singer despite his efforts to prove himself as the ‘true’ one. When she finally met him I was truly elated and filled with so much happiness for her, imagining how it would be if it was me, meeting Ashton Irwin or Michael Clifford and I was just filled with immense feels. It was a really sweet moment.

Was there anything you didn’t like?
Surprisingly, no. The story was well constructed and had just the right mix of romance and realism to make it quirky and interesting. My only criticism is the cover, but besides that, it’s an enjoyably bitter-sweet novel, totally beyond my expectations.

Can’t wait to get a copy? You can buy one here for just £3.85.

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