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It’s incredible how much the culture of fangirling has evolved in the past few years and it definitely owes thanks to social media for playing a big part of it.

We’ve seen bands such as One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer blow up with fame thanks to their dedicated fans spreading the world like wildfire and fangirls even have their own lingo (we totally ship you guys with your bae bc OTP) but now there’s a new craze sweeping the online nation – parodying. We’ve had a chat with a few people who are involved with this virtual sensation to fill you in with all the deets about the newest craze you’ll be seeing across Twitter.

Account: Formally @eleancrjcaider
Followers: 30K
Owner: Destiny

What is parodying?
This is a question I actually received quite a bit. To me parodying was a way to reach out to others. It’s a way of portraying a person without taking credit that you are them. You give the fans someone to talk to. You give them a chance. They know you aren’t the actual person but it’s fun. It’s a lot if fun talking to a parody. Parodying is basically acting like the person, replying like the person but also giving it that little twist of yourself and never ever lead people to believe you’re actually the person you’re parodying.

Why did you choose to parody?
Honestly mine was because I wanted to make people feel good about themselves. I was the first person to ever really parody Eleanor so I thought girls would listen to her if she said they were strong and beautiful. Also I wanted to get to know more fans of 1D and I’ve made so many new friends because of that.

What made you choose Eleanor to parody?
Eleanor had just created a Twitter and I knew a lot of people wouldn’t parody her. So I thought I could do a decent enough job of portraying her so I went with it.

Why did you keep your real identity anonymous?
It was a lot more fun for me and for my followers that way. The anonymity was a way for people to be a lot more open with me. I was able to return the favor as well. As a parody I was able to share more about myself that I typically wouldn’t have shared. Plus, the “mystery” is a big reason why people love parodies so much.

What does parodying involve?
For me and the rest of the gang it was mostly just acting like the person. You type the way the other person types, you reply the way they would reply you even but you always always act like who you are. You never change your personality. That’s always genuine. You reply as yourself and you still act like that person. And you try to make people happy.

How have did become so popular- what do you think the cause behind your popularity was?
Honestly I have no clue whatsoever! I remember the first week of having the account and I would gain over 100 followers a day. Mainly because my handle was so close to Eleanor’s. Once people realized I wasn’t her they stayed following me. When I began to be more active the followers came in floods at a time. I think it was due to the fact that I acted like Eleanor. But I portrayed her in a light that not many people were able to see. I tried to make her soft, sweet, relatable, I tried to make people like her…like me.

What sort of reactions did you get from your followers- did they treat you like the real Eleanor?
I believe people did treat me they way the would treat Eleanor. So many people were kind and heartfelt. Always being sweet and caring. Most of my followers were very sassy. They loved a good banter and I was always more than up for it. But some people were mean which obviously was expected. But I usually tried to focus on the love and I was happy that I was able to deflect some of that hate that was meant for Eleanor.

Some people don’t understand the whole concept of parodying. How would you explain it to those people who don’t really see the point of it?
If you don’t see the point that’s fine, if you don’t like it that’s fine, if you hate us for it that’s fine. Just know that we are here to make people happy. We want fans to feel good and make them never loose hope in actually talking and meeting their favorite band members or movie stars. We just what’s our followers to be happy and that’s honestly the point of the accounts.

Can anybody parody or does it take a special skill/person to do it?
Anyone can be a parody, it’s so much fun! Just know that you really have to do that person justice. For instance, don’t parody Leonardo DiCaprio and act like a thirteen year old girl. You have to sell it, you really have to try your best to give the person you’re parodying a good name. So in a way you do need skill but that doesn’t mean that only certain people can be parodies.

What would you say to people who assume you were pretending to be and convincing people you were really Eleanor?
I’d say I’m sorry that they feel that way. I didn’t mean to come across that way. I never tried to convince people I was her. I never claimed to be her and I never would have.

Destiny has since given up parodying for personal reasons but still continues to talk to other active parodies. 

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