Louis Tomlinson shows his heart of gold again for the Eden Dora Trust.

It’s every fangirls DREAM to meet their idols, especially directioners, but we know it seems almost impossible for such luck to happen. What better way to increase your chances by donating to CHARITY?!


Eden Dora Trust, a UK foundation that raises money for kids with brain injury caused by Encephalitis. After his charity ball, we all know Louis Tomlinson is an angel, and here he strikes again. With any amount of money donated, you get entered into a raffle to fly out to meet the boys in Dublin! Country is not a factor, and you get some cool goodies for the more money you give. However, any amount is amazing! You get to help kids live happier lives, AND you get to enter to MEET 1D.

Make sure to donate, and enter to win!

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Written by Julia Contorno

Lover of cats, concerts, and coffee.

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