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Ed Sheeran once spent HOW MUCH on a Toys R Us binge?

Our favourite ginger popstar Ed Sheeran has revealed that he once spent a lot of money on a Toys R Us shopping binge. And by ‘a lot’, we don’t mean £100 out of his Christmas money when he was fourteen, we mean A LOT. Like £2,000.


The star said he went on the toy shop binge to make up for lost time as a kid.

He told The Sun: “As any kid that has good parents will know, when you’re younger you’re not allowed things. I went into Toys R Us and just spent two grand on everything I wanted when I was younger.”

I was like, ‘I was never allowed that pirate ship so I’m having that, wasn’t allowed a Nerf gun so I’m having that, I wasn’t allowed a scooter so I’m having that’,” he continued. “I bought roller skates, a yo-yo, those wheelie shoes… I haven’t used half of them but it was just that moment that I’m allowed to now. I bought everything.”

Alright Sheeran, fancy lending us a tenner if you’ve got that much to splurge?

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