We analyse Ed Sheeran’s dance moves in his ‘Thinking Out Loud’ video.

We heard that he even did all his own stunts.

Now here at MP! we’re partial to busting the odd dance move at social events, Christmas parties, birthdays & bar mitzvahs etc, but not once did it pop into our tiny pea brains that we’d see Ed Sheeran doing a ballroom waltz. At first we were shocked, then intrigued and then just plain jealous.

So let’s have a closer look at some of these Sheeran moves and see if we can replicate them at home.

First up, the ‘Yeah, I don’t really want to dance with you’ dance.


See the hopping away as mystery girl (for the purpose of this article we’ll call her Drizella) nears closer to him.


Ah here’s the tease factor at level 2, Ed draws closer to Drizella. Just slide on by Eddy boy.


Okay now it’s getting steamy – Ed’s leaning in for the chin caress move here. NOT one to test out when you’re dancing with your grandma to practice.


Here we are, one we can all recreate. By the looks of it it’s a simple ball toe, tap heel, twist 360, got that?


When your energy levels are dipping in the middle of a dance routine, take a leaf out of Ed’s book. Lay on the floor, in a horizontal position, preferably with a pair of legs near your head (but this is optional) and wave your arm over your head in a circular motion. Swarve.


While you’re on the floor, why not do a bit of a rolly polly and swish your hair while you go in for a cuddle with your dance partner, who doesn’t like cuddles?


Advance dance move warning, do not attempt this if you have a bad back or are afraid of heights. In this one Mr Sheeran will hoist you by the legs eleven. He’s strong, and sexy.


The windmill dance. This can only be completed properly if both participants scream, ‘WEEEEEEE’ while doing it. It’s a hard move to master, but once you’ve got it think of the fun you could have in da clubs.


And last but not least, the guitar leg. We’re not sure if Ed was so confused after all the spinning that he thought this actually was a guitar or it’s his idea for Dragon’s Den. Either way we love it.

What do you think of Ed’s new video? What’s your favourite move?

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