Ed Sheeran proves he’s doing the popstar thing right by surprising one of his fans with a duet. We’re not jealous. Nope.

There are many perks of being a pop star and making someone’s entire life is just one of them. That’s exactly what Ed Sheeran did for one fan recently.


Whilst visiting a shopping mall in West Edmonton, Canada, Ed heard a fan singing one of his songs, ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Instead of doing what lots of famous people do and trying to act in disguise so nobody would know he was there, Ed did the exact opposite by following the voice before bursting onto the scene to sing the song with her.

Life goals.


Moral of the story: Always keep your vocal chords warm because you just never know when a pop star will come and sing along with you. We’re of to ASDA to naturally sing No Control in hope that Louis Tomlinson will come join us.


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UMM… Did Naughty Boy get caught out for lying about Zayn’s cover? WTF is going on?!

‘No Control Project’ is going one step further with #PlayNoControlMusicVideoAtOTRA – slay.