Ed Sheeran has just given us the first heart-attack inducing news of 2017! Welcome to the ÷ era

Let’s just hope his new album isn’t dividing

On New Year’s Day, Ed Sheeran treated us all to the best news ever and he has genuinely already made 2017 one of the biggest musical years. He announced on Twitter that this Friday, he’d be releasing new music. Literally anything could happen in the rest of the year and we probs wouldn’t care. Well… you know what we mean. Anyway, can you believe ‘X’ really came out in June of 2014?! We’ve waited a long, long time for this and we are oh so ready. Watch the simple so-awkward-its-cute video below.

The majority of viewers, including us obvs, believed this meant there would be a single. Artists will usually release a single or two first before dropping an album, right? Ed’s latest tweet makes us unsure our theory is true…

Ed tweeted another visual but this time, it eludes something a bit more than just a single.

It’s safe to say Twitter is blowing up RN and Ed is definitely responsible.

What is going on?! We knew the theme of this album would be blue, due to his social media graphics changing, but that happened quite a while ago. With ‘Plus’ and ‘Multiply’, it seemed quite obvious that the next album would follow the pattern and be named after another mathematical symbol. But the GIF did leave a lot of ‘Sheerios’ confused.

(Why does he love maths so much anyway?!)

It did get us thinking about what we’d like on the next album though. There’s got to be a collaboration on it. Perhaps another with Taylor Swift? The world needs more Taylor too and this would be brilliant timing. It’s definitely going to have some sort of massive single on it too. We’re hoping for one just like ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’, which is still totally amaze.


And obviously we’re excited for all the beautiful love ballads – you know, so they’re out of our system before Valentine’s Day when we realise that we are FOREVER ALONE.

But it’s not all good news as one tweet points out…

We feel you girl, but we’ll definitely be up waiting for it.

Has this news got you all excited? Do you think it’s an album too? Is there anything you’d like on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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