Ed Sheeran literally just debuted his new single as a Snapchat filter and it’s too much for the world to handle

Don’t lose your ‘ed!

Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ is so 2012.

2017 is all about the colour blue and funnily enough the man responsible for the trend happens to be good old Swiftie’s BFF, the ever delightful, almost irresponsibly adorable Ed Sheeran.

On Monday Ed gave us the first heart-attack inducing news of 2017 with some cryptic tweets which suggested he would be releasing new music this Friday! EGADS! How can we cope with the excitement?

And it looks like good old Ed is being true to his word.

He has been debuting song lyrics every day this week in the lead up to his new music release on Friday and we can’t stop watching this weird tweet involving two dots forming a woman’s naked torso. It’s all very strange. Very Ed.

It’s all rather queer, innit?

We beg to differ, Ed. You can find love in a hopeless place, Rihanna and Calvin say so.

Erm… trying to find the right reaction here…

But whatever it’s all moot anyway ‘cos Ed’s gone and debuted what looks to be the lead single from ‘÷’ as a Snapchat filter. It’s really a nifty bit of promo and it sure gave us a shock when we logged onto the app just now.

The filter is on Snapchat everywhere now, just look for the one which makes you wear blue glasses which should appear first in the list. Perhaps this is a sign that Ed will be sporting a fetching pair of cerulean specs as part of the style for this album era? That would be, err … interesting.

The clip of the song is enough to make any loyal Sheerio go completely beserk, for one thing it’s kinda dancehall inspired. Who knew Ed could handle the island vibes?

Needless to say Twitter is going insane, and rightly so tbh.

Our heads are spinning so much we can’t handle it. Listen to Ed’s two new tracks, ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Shape of You’, right here.

Let us know your first impression of Ed’s new sound using the comments box.


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  1. I really like Shape of You… It’s literally begging to be remixed big style. It sounds like something that would really go off in a summer setting, you know?

  2. I think it’s a great way of debuting a single! Shows he’s really in tune with what people want right now, plus I bet it got a helluva lot of people in the know. I’m so excited to see how social media is helping with marketing – keen to see what’s done next! I personally want a Fifth Harmony filter to make you look like part of the band – that’d be SO COOL!

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