Ed Sheeran clears up Taylor Swift’s “Shut the F Up” at VMAs. POP BITS

POP BITS. What would we do with out Ed Sheeran? Apart from the fact that we would never have heard ‘Little Things’ if it weren’t for him, he has also gone and cleared up Taylor’s VMA “F” bomb for us all.

Ed revealed that Taylor wasn’t telling her ex, Hazza, to “Shut the ‘f’ up” but her mate Selena Gomez. You might think that’s a bit harsh but she was doing it in a playful way. Selena said she thought Miley would win the VMA and Taylor told her friend to “Shut the f***k up, you will”. And Taylor was right because Selener (as Nicki Minaj calls her) scooped her first ever Moonman moments later.

We’re glad that’s been cleared up. This means we can finally start listening to ‘Red’ again. POP BITS OUT.

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