Darryl Dishes: Ed Sheeran chats about his showbiz pals, Pharrell Williams and goes on an Easter Ed hunt.

Darryl Dishes in his weekly column packed to bursting with pop star goss, trivia and silliness. This week…Ed Sheeran chats about his showbiz pals and goes hunting for chocolate eggs.

If there was any doubt that Ed Sheeran is one of the most grounded people in showbiz, spending just a few moments in his company will reassure you that he hasn’t changed from his sofa surfing days.

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool.” He says of jetting out to New York to film Saturday Night Live. The day after we meet, he’s due to fly to the big apple and appear on one of the biggest shows on US TV. Only the very best get invited onto SNL, confirming his place as a massive star across the pond. This is huge. This is one of the biggest moments in any performer’s career. Even Justin Timberlake would be a little excited. “Pretty cool”, says Ed.

It seems he is genuinely unfazed and it’s a trait that has won him lots of high profile friends. From hanging out with One Direction and Pharrell to being best mates with Taylor Swift. Earlier this year he joined her on stage during the London stint of her world tour. Would he have been offended if she hadn’t asked him to be there?

“No, not really. It’s her show; she can do what she wants. I wouldn’t be annoyed; I’ve seen the show 66 times. I live in London so it would have been rude not to go. She always has guests and she just said ‘you fancy coming up?’ and I said yes.”

And they’re still close. Ed’s heard most of her new album and says it’s “pretty, pretty good” – which by his standards of enthusiasm makes it the greatest piece of music he’s ever heard. But would he ever work with her again?

“Yeah, perhaps in a while, it seems a bit obvious to do it now. I don’t like to be predictable”

His new singe ‘Sing’ is testament to that. It’s a lot more out-there than his first album and Pharrell’s fingerprints are all over it.

“I was nervous at first” he says, pained to admit it, “I was worried about how my fan base would react to it. I was out for dinner with Pharrell and he was saying I was stupid, it had to be first single”

Out for dinner with Pharrell… coolest sentence ever?

“I went in for an hour meeting with him and stayed there for 5 hours. We put a few beats together. He’s a very cool guy. He’s one of these people that as long as he likes them, he’ll work with anyone – Connor Maynard, Rizzle Kicks, Paloma Faith. We’re shooting the music video soon and I’m hoping to wear his hat for that!”

Another life ambition casually ticked off the list! And it isn’t just Pharrell that has confidence in Ed’s new material, Tristan and James from The Vamps popped along to listen as Ed put the finishing touches to the new album after the three of them met backstage at Taylor’s show. It seems people can’t get enough of being in his company and we can see why!

While we had Ed in the studio we sent him on an Easter Ed Hunt – genius I know. Even hunting for chocolate he made everyone want to be his best friend.

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