We’re thinking out loud: These seven people need to work with Ed Sheeran on his new album

If you’ve kept your ears to the ground and your eyes on the prize (that prize being Maximum POP!) then you’ll know that Ed Sheeran’s new album is very much on the way.


In fact, the latest news is, he’s been writing his album on a cruise ship and producer Benny Blanco is one of the latest names attached to the project after he posted this hilarious picture on his Instagram page.

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Now that we know Ed’s album is finally on the way, we’ve started thinking about who we’d like to see him work with on it. So these are our top picks for possible collaborations for Ed’s new album.

1) Taylor Swift: They’ve spent so much time together on tour and Ed’s already written with Taylor. This just makes sense.


2) Harry Styles: We know Ed’s written a few songs for One Direction, and we’ve loved them all. It’d be a great start to Harry’s solo career if he appears on Ed’s album.


3) Justin Bieber: ‘Love Yourself’ is still one of our favourite songs. Now it’s time for Justin to return the favour.

4) Olly Murs: Ed wrote ‘Love Shine Down’ from Olly’s debut album. It’s time for a reunion.


5) Tori Kelly: Ed’s a fan of Tori and even wrote a song for her called ‘I Was Made for Loving You’. They’ve both got amazing voices, why not?

6) Zayn: The potential collaboration of dreams. This could be really great, let’s make it happen, Ed.


7) Ellie Goulding: Controversial, we know. But we think this could be the perfect opportunity for Ed and Ellie to make up and become besties once again.


Who would YOU like to see Ed Sheeran working with? We’re waiting to hear from you @maximumpop

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