‘Earth to Echo’ is landing on the big screens soon and it looks FAB!

What if one day you discover something that nobody has seen before? What if is something that would change your life forever?

Follow the story of Alex, Tuck, Munch and Emma, four normal kids, with normal lives.  One day, their phones start to act in a very strange way, receiving signals from the middle of nowhere. They decide to follow the signals on their phones and find out what is happening and where it comes from. They go a few miles away from their city by bike and what they discover is something so much bigger than what they thought it would be.

‘Earth to Echo’ will be landing in cinemas nationwide on the 25th July.

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Written by Sara

Handling emotions and adult stuff like Jess Day and Nick Miller do.
I'm a bit awkward but really nice. I have a turtle called Turtle and I believe in the "You should take a nap every day".

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