The dangerous, futuristic world of ‘Maladapted’ is closer than you think…

Richard Kurti’s ‘Maladapted’ is nearly here and we’re desperate to learn as much as we possibly can before the book is finally in our grubby hands. Welcome to the world of ‘Maladapted’.

It’s coming.

Steaming up really fast.

And so much of it is going to be fantastic…

Maladapted 1
A SkyWay similar to the one Tess runs in Chapter 2

A few years from now the world will be saturated with brilliant technology.

Most of us will be living in Cities that are alive 24/7.

The internet-of-everything will keep us in touch with the things we care about.

Maladapted 2
The City Cockpit – Chapter 73

Scientific breakthroughs will have sorted out climate change and pollution and disease.

We’ll be richer, smarter and have more freedom than ever before.

This is the world of ‘Maladapted’ – Foundation City is just around the corner, and you can already glimpse what it’s going to be like at ‘The Crystal’ in London’s Docklands…

Clean, green transport systems that actually work – smart roads and elevated cycleways, trams and light railways…

Maladapted 3
The electric super-bike which Cillian uses to escape from the City in Chapter 81

High-tech medicine that is tailored to individual needs, remote monitoring of your health, and advanced operations performed by virtual surgeons…

A city where every drop of water is captured and recycled, and vast banks of mirrors and panels use every available ray of sunlight…

Maladapted 4
The rooftop chase of Chapter 17 takes place among blinding solar mirrors

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world with all this?

But you know what they say: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are two big catches, and these are what power ‘Maladapted’…

The first catch is trust.

All the brilliant cures that finally defeat disease and illness, will only be possible because of genetic medicine. The ability to go in and edit human DNA, repair faults and improve the molecules that build us.

Maladapted 5

The problem is, genetic medicine won’t stop at cures.

Once you start to edit the human genome, you can engineer people to be stronger, smarter, healthier.

For the first time ever, we’ll be able to choose our own evolution.

We’ll be able to recreate what it means to be human.

But who will do the choosing?

Politicians? Religious leaders? CEOs?

Do you really trust those people?

And even if you did, these so-called leaders have shown time and again that they can’t even agree on the simplest of questions, let alone the future of human evolution.

Maladapted 6

One thing’s for sure, the miracle of genetic editing won’t be freely available to all of us.

Genetic medicine will be expensive.

And that’s the second catch: money.

Look around you right now – health services are struggling to survive, libraries are closing, schools are underfunded and welfare is being cut.

All because there’s no money.

But if there’s no money, how comes apartments in London are being bought and sold for millions?

How comes designer clothes and bags are flying off the shelves and cosmetic surgery is booming?

Who is buying all the Porsches and Ferraris?

It seems that the faster we make progress, the more unequal the world gets.

And that’s going to get worse.

If you’re rich, the future looks good.

But where does that leave the rest of us?

What’s really scary, is that if the rich buy all the brilliant genetic medicines, they will get smarter, stronger, sexier, while the rest of us will get left behind.

Which means humanity will split in two.

Maladapted 7

What started out as a brilliant dream for progress could end up dividing us for ever.

The difference between the Haves and Have-nots will get hard-wired into our genes.

Is that the future you want to see?

What are you going to do about it?

Conform and hope that you’ll be a winner?

Or fight?

These are the sharp dilemmas that Cillian and Tess have to face in ‘Maladapted’.

And it’s not just a question of morality – it’s a life and death fight.

A struggle to survive.

Get it wrong and it’s not just you who’s finished.

It’s everyone who walks the Earth after you…

How good does this sound?! Do you think you could survive the world of ‘Maladapted’? Let us know at @maximumpopbooks!

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