Forget Larry and Niam: Here’s why Skylark is the ship every Directioner should care about

As everyone in this universe already knows, Harry Styles is starring in wartime movie ‘Dunkirk’. But did you know Dunkirk was a legit thing that happened?

Maartje (@fayestardust) and Sasha (@stylesmovienews) have come together to start a fundraiser for a hero of the Dunkirk evacuation. It goes by the name Skylark IX and is one of the Dunkirk Little Ships that saved over 600 people during WWII.


Unfortunately Skylark was meant to make its way to appear in the ‘Dunkirk’ film but is desperately in need of repairs. This is where you come in! The Skylark IX Recovery Trust are hoping to raise at least £1000 to get it into a covered workshop & for a purchase of materials to reinforce and ensure her stability, while they seek lottery funding. Any extra money will go towards new wood (which is very expensive) and eventually Skylark will be restored plank by plank.

If all the fans of the movie and Harry come together, raising £5000 for repairs should be easy peasy. Harry’s mum has already gotten involved with the campaign

30% of their fundraising target has already been achieved and if you’d like to donate and read more about #SaveSkylark, you can do so here. Don’t forget to check out the incredible Save Skylark website for even more info. Make Harry proud!


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