Dua Lipa just dropped her new single ‘Hotter Than Hell’ and it’s hotter than Harry Styles in a sauna

Every now and again, a song comes along that is so good that it stops you in your tracks.

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One such song is Dua Lipa’s ‘Hotter Than Hell’, which is hotter than Harry Styles in a sauna in the Sahara desert.

The track is exactly the kind of song we want to be listening to all summer, with a tropical house influence and a massive, anthemic chorus. We cannot wait to sing along to this at all the festivals this summer.

‘Hotter Than Hell,’ which is the follow-up to ‘Last Dance’, sounds like a huge, worldwide number one. It’s nice when your faves are great, isn’t it?

In other Dua news, she recently told us that she’s a member of the Beyhive (who isn’t, though) and that her favourite Disney villain is Cruella DeVil.

Listen to ‘Hotter Than Hell’ below:

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