Luna? Cath? Who’s your favourite YA dreamer?

Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose are dreamers. They dream of adventure, excitement and real, proper friendship. But they’re not the only YA characters consumed by dreams.

dream come true

Here are a few more of our favourites:

FangirlCath from ‘Fangirl’

Is there a bigger dreamer than a writer? We don’t think so. Cath is a fanfiction writer, creating worlds and stories out of her favourite book series. Cath would exist solely in her fanfiction if she could, but college is about to break her out of her dream world…

how hard can love beEvie, Amber and Lottie from ‘The
Spinster Club’ trilogy

These three badass ladies dream of something big, something seemingly unreachable: equality. They dream of walking down the street and not being judged on their appearance, of not being stereotyped as weak or fragile because they’re female, they dream of not needing feminism.


dreamlandCaitlin from ‘Dreamland’

When Caitlin becomes involved with Rogerson her whole life comes to resemble a dream. As their relationship turns violent, Caitlin retreats into her own world, thinking that she can imagine it away. This is Sarah Dessen’s most emotional, darkest novel, and one of her most important.


ladymidnightJulian Blackthorn from ‘Lady Midnight’

Julian’s had a tough life, even with Emma at his side. Looking after his unruly siblings and practically running the Los Angeles Institute leaves him little time to himself. He makes up for it with dreaming about Emma and putting his feelings into his art. He’s really quite dreamy himself as well, actually…


Luna Lovegood from ‘Harry Potter’ootp johnny duddle

A list of YA dreamers just wouldn’t be complete without our Luna. If you’ve never wished you were even a little bit like Luna then, well, we think you might be lying… Though Luna definitely lives in her own little world and thinks about things in a way that’s alien to everyone else, she’s also one of the most switched on people at Harry’s side. Go Luna!


cressCress from ‘Cress’

The third book in ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ take us up into Earth’s orbit and on to Cress’s satellite. With no one to talk to, Cress spends most of her days dreaming, usually about Carswell Thorne – and who can blame her?!

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