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We dream cast One Direction: The Movie. Here’s who we think should play the boys and all their famous friends

Let’s be honest, we’re still bitter that One Direction’sThis is Us‘ didn’t get an Oscar, or even a nomination at the least. It was an absolute work of art. We can’t believe the boys aren’t trained actors, it was that good. But it’s fine. Whatever. We’re shaking it off like pros and living with the knowledge we know real talent when we see it — the Academy is clearly missing out. Just look at these losers, for goodness sake…


We’re not sure how we’ve survived this long after seeing Harry’s hips swing like that, but we would happily watch it a hundred times over, as with all One Direction’s other absolute iconic moments. That’s why we reckon there needs to be a movie made all about their rise to worldwide stardom. What’s more, we think we’ve nailed the perfect cast.

Dominic Sherwood as Harry Styles


Well, Taylor Swift clearly thought Dominic Sherwood was the perfect stand-in for her ‘Style’ video, which may or may not have been about her past relationship with Harry Styles. Plus, we think his locks have got the potential to be long and luscious just like Hazza’s.

Brett Dier as Niall Horan


OK, but we love Brett Dier a hell of a lot in ‘Jane The Virgin‘ and we reckon he’s just the right amount of goofball to be our favourite Irishmen, Niall Horan. The question is… How good is his Irish accent?

Jack Falahee as Liam Payne


Maybe we’re placing all our hopes on this one in the beard, but do you not agree that Jack Falahee from ‘How To Get Away With Murder‘ would be the perfect Liam Payne. He’s got that huggable, grizzly bear thing going on and we are pretty much in a constant state of heart eyes when we look at him.

Fawad Khan as Zayn Malik


This one might be a bit of a reach, ’cause Fawad Khan is a little older than the rest of our choices, but isn’t he beautiful? And it’s not like TV shows aren’t known to hire thirty year olds to play late teens anyway, right? We reckon Fawad Khan would be perfect for all those transitional periods and copious changes of hairstyles that Zayn went through.

Devon Bostick as Louis Tomlinson


If you thought Jack Falahee looked similar to Liam, check out Devon Bostick, who plays Jaspar in ‘The 100‘. We think he is the actual spitting image of Louis Tomlinson. He’s got that effortless, floppy boy-bander hair and Louis’ signature stubble.

Pierce Brosnan as Simon Cowell


How pleased do you reckon Simon Cowell would be if Pierce Brosnan played him? Like well chuffed, right? He was 007 after all, and we think Brosnan would rock Simon’s iconic white v-neck look.

Ashley Benson as Taylor Swift


Obviously the past GFs of 1D are hugely important to their story. Here at MP! we think capturing those whirlwind relationships would make it the perfect movie. Obviously Ashley Benson would bomb it as Taylor Swift. She’s got that hair and her recent snapchats singing country have been giving us life.

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Perrie Edwards


Give her a few highlights and Alycia would be a fab Perrie Edwards. She’s super cute. All she needs is a hella good pair of lungs and she’s one of our Little Mix pals.

Lucy Hale as Eleanor Calder


Although sadly they’re no longer together, Louis and Eleanor were dating for a seriously long time. Lucy Hale and Eleanor’s hair game is one and the same when Lucy wears it long and curly — think the first couple of seasons of ‘Pretty Little Liars‘. Are we right or are we right?

Lindsey Morgan as Sophia Smith


Finally, another long term relationship that has come to an end but played an integral part in the 1D days. (So far, we mean — this is not the end… right?) And with our casting of Sophia Smith, Liam’s ex, comes another ‘The 100’ favourite, Lindsey Morgan who plays Raven.

What do you think of our choices? We think we’ve nailed it, especially with some of the boys. Be sure to let us know who you’d cast as the boys and their significant others by sending us a tweet @maximumpop.

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