Download Or Ditch: Mel B- ‘Once In My Life’

Mel B is back! We don’t know whether to be happy or scared, that’s why we called in reinforcements… YOU! We need your help in deciding whether we are glad to see Melanie Brown shaking her thang or if this has made us want a Spice Girls reunion more than ever so we don’t have to listen to this again?

Mel B is a busy lady. She’s had judging credits in Australia, America and the UK (and has easily been our fave X Factor UK judge since Chezza). Where does she find the time to make music? We’re not quite sure… but she did.

Her new track is called ‘Once In My Life’ and it’s a dancey bop along track. Mel’s voice is miles away from her shoutty ‘Wannabe’ days and seems to have morphed into a calmer and more soothing lull. Is this a good thing? We’re not convinced.

In the video, Mel rips off an unending supply of clothes as she strolls down Wisteria Lane and delivers numerous high fives before making out with herself. Just your average day in Spice World.

What do you think of Mel B’s solo outing? Watch the video below and vote in our Download Or Ditch poll. 

Result: You told us what you want, what you really really want! And what you want is to download Mel B’s new tune. 93.8% of you think ‘For Once In My Life’ is a future hit. Congrats Mel!

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