Download or Ditch: Lady Gaga- ‘Applause’

Welcome to another ‘Download or Ditch’, the only place on the net that gives you the latest pop tunes and let’s you give a definitive ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ on the record in question. Not bad, eh?

So one of the premier princesses of pop has gone and unveiled her latest single, her comeback one at that, a whole week early ahead of low-quality leaks. Lady Gaga, ladies and gentlemen, has unveiled the much-touted ‘Applause’. But is it any good?

The song is an absolute stonker of electropop beats and a strangely throwback vibe to the whole thing, an almost update of her ‘Just Dance’-style irreverent pop fun. In the song, Gaga is singing about the future of her career and ultimately calls on the listener and her global database to give her the sustenance she needs in the form of applause and adoration.

The catchy hook of ‘give me that thing I love’ and the earworm of the chorus ensure that the lyrics will easily remain stuck in your head for the rest of the day and repeated listenings of the tune will increase more and more as you spin it around a few more times.On first listen, admittedly, it sounds a bit weak and lacklustre, but listen to it a few more times through headphones (as recommended by Mother Monster herself) and you’ll be tapping your toes and dancing away before you know it.

‘Applause’ is out now on UK iTunes. Check out the audio for ‘Applause’ below and then cast your vote. Is this the comeback you were hoping for is it a let down? Voting is now closed.

Result: The votes are in and 65.38% voted in favour of Mother Monster’s new track. We guess it’s a standing ovation all round! 

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