Download Or Ditch: Katy Perry feat. Juicy J- ‘Dark Horse’

It’s time for another Download Or Ditch! “What is a Download Or Ditch?”, we hear you ask: it’s when we give you the reviewing power and you tell us what you think of a brand spanking new song.

Today we have placed Katy Perry’s new track ‘Dark Horse’ under the microscope. ‘Dark Horse’ also features Juciy J- no, this not The Swedish Chef from The Muppets’ mispronunciation of Jessie J but an actual rapper.

‘Dark Horse’ is quite a dark pop track and definitely shows that Katy has transition from her cotton candy cloud to a (at the risk of sounding like every artist out there at the moment) “mature sound”. It’s slightly reminiscent of some of the deeper tracks from KP’s Teenage Dream album like ‘Who Am I Living For’ or ‘Circle The Drain’.

But is the ‘California Gurl’s new sound a welcome change? We’ll leave that one up to you. Listen to ‘Dark Horse’ below and let us know your thoughts.

Results: You have voted and 87.5% have decided that ‘Dark Horse’ will ride to victory… or at least onto our iTunes playlist! Huzzah!

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