Download or Ditch – J-Lo ‘Live It Up’

Here at ‘Download or Ditch’, we’re all about bringing you some pretty good tuneage for you to debate about it. This time, we’re looking at Jennifer Lopez’s brand new stonking summer single ‘Live It Up’ – are we hitting ‘download’ on this baby or hitting the delete button quicker than J-Lo hits the dancefloor?

It’s a bit telling when we first listen to the single and we’re already comparing it to the two major ones before it – ‘On The Floor’ and ‘Dance Again’ – seeing as they’re both RedOne-produced, Pitbull-guest-versed singles that are all about dancing and having a great time. We have to tip our hats off to old J-Lo for still being willing to hit the dancefloor with two kids, but it seems like it’s all a bit old hat for Ms Lopez.

The production is okay, if generic, and Pitbull’s verse isn’t as irritating as he often is. Plus J-Lo sounds incredible and as if she’s having a blast on the record, which is always nice. Unfortunately, all champagne-popping sound effects aside, you’d be much more worthwhile sticking with ‘Dance Again’ and ‘On The Floor’. It’s not that ‘Live It Up’ isn’t nice – it is – but we’d love hear Ms Lopez go with a change of pace or even a dancefloor stomper about something other than having a good time.

All in all, ‘Live It Up’ is a decent enough single and definitely one of that we’re sure people will be dancing to across the summer – but it’s nothing that J-Lo hasn’t before and done much better. With a new album on the horizon, we hope that she’s got some new tricks up her sleeve…

Watch the video for ‘Live It Up’ below:

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