Download Or Ditch: Cody Simpson- ‘Summertime Of Our Lives’

It’s Download Or Ditch time and your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to decide what songs deserve a place on our Summer 2013 playlist. We need your opinion on Cody Simpson’s latest jam, is it a downloader or a ditcher?

Cody has Justin Bieber’s seal of approval and has wowed us with pop hits such as ‘On My Mind’ and ‘Wish U Were Here’, but does ‘Summertime of Our Lives’ live up to his previous tracks?

‘Summertime of Our Lives’ is a beautiful little love song about one of Cody’s summer flings (it wasn’t us, we swear) who got away- Think ‘Summer Lovin’ from Grease. The song is sweet with a strong summer vibe (there’s a ukulele for Christ’s sake!) Cody rocks his ukele and delivers a beachy tune that sounds like it could be Jason Mraz’s next hit single.

But with so many killer tunes dominating the charts at the moment, do you think ‘Summertime of Our Lives’ has the oomph to beat the competition?

Watch the video below and then casts your votes. Voting is now closed!

RESULT: It was a close one but Cody’s ‘Summertime of Our Lives’ just managed to make it into our Summer 2013 playlist with 58.33% of the vote.


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