DOWNLOAD OR DITCH: Cher Lloyd & Ne Yo- ‘It’s All Good’

Cher Lloyd really has become the Queen of Collaborations recently. First her urban-pop smash ‘Oath’ with Becky G, then her 1D influenced duet with Demi Lovato ‘Really Don’t Care’ and now she’s joined forces with Ne Yo for a track called ‘It’s All Good’. We’re pretty sure Pitbull is getting pretty jealous around about now- Don’t worry Pit, J Lo will always feature you on her tracks.

The track is one of those “look on the bright side” songs, with some bouncy beats and warm vocals to help you feel the optimism. Ne Yo and Cher’s voices combine in the chorus to produce quite a nice little harmony, especially on the “Ooooh”s.

Little Miss Lloyd and Mr. Yo released the track for American ice cream, Fruttare (never heard of it). The collaboration will no doubt get the company the publicity they want but we can’t help but feel that the ‘Want U Back’ songstress compromised some of her “swagger” for this track.

Despite sounding a little bit like we’ve heard it all before, ‘It’s All Good’ is catchy, enjoyable and a pretty decent pop song. We can already see the video featuring an abundance of ice creams and of course the compulsory beats headphones. We would like to hear the pair do a cover of the Go Compare advert next.

You can listen to the song below and vote whether you would download or ditch the track. Voting is closed.

RESULT: The votes are in and you guys are loving Cher Lloyd and Ne Yo’s collab! You voted Download with a massive 97.37%! It definitely is all good! 

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